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Hobie® Mirage Tandem Island


Looking for a super-fun multisport boat for two? Meet the Hobie Mirage® Tandem Island. In its most elemental form, the Tandem Island is a super-fast, two-person kayak. But attach the aka crossbeams, the ama floats and the two-piece carbon fiber rig and sailing kit (all included), and you and your partner will be flying across the water, powered by a roller-furling, boomless mainsail. Both cockpits have steering and sail-control lines, making the Tandem Island ideal for partners of all abilities. And the boat’s generous storage space and carrying capacity means that your adventure potential is huge.



- Two MirageDrives with Turbo Fins

- Island Rudder w/ Large Sailing Blade

- Adjustable High Back Padded Seats w/ Inflatable Lumbar Supports

- Fully-Retractable, Kick-Up Centerboard

- Patented Roller-Furling Sail with Battens

- Two-Piece Carbon Fiber Mast

- Deck-Mounted crossbars

- Easily Retractable and Removable Amas

- Two 2-piece paddles w/ On-Aka Storage

- Dual Steering Controls in Front and Rear Cockpits

- Dual Rudder Deploy and Retract Controls in Front and Rear Cockpits

-Two Molded-In Rod Holders

- Rear Cargo Compartment with Bungee® Tie-Downs

- Large Bow Hatch

- Three 8” Twist and Seal Hatches (patent pending) w/Gear Bucket

- Four Mesh Stowage Pockets

- Four Cup Holders

- All Lines and Hardware Plus Harken Block

- 2 years warranty



Length: 18' 6" / 5.64 m

Width: 30" / .76 m

Width w/ Amas In: 4' / 1.22 m

Width w/ Amas Out: 10' / 3.05 m

Fitted Hull Weight: 124 lbs / 56.25 kg

Fully Rigged Weight: 190 lbs / 86.18 kg

Capacity: 600 lbs / 272 kg

Sail Area: 90 sq ft / 8.4 sq m

Mast Height: 18' / 5.49 m

Crew: 1-2

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene





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